Essess’ thermal imaging technology was developed by leading MIT researchers to address the problem of identifying energy loss and facilitating structural improvements to building envelopes in a scalable and cost-effective manner.  Although on-site audits for residential and small commercial units provide a wealth of helpful information, they can be difficult to implement at large scale due to the cost and time required to conduct an audit on each unit. Because each imaging rig can capture thermal images for tens of thousands of units in a single night, Essess offers utilities a scalable and cost-effective means to gather superior intelligence around the building stock across the entire territory.

To accomplish this, Essess manages a fleet of vehicles that have been repurposed with a custom designed thermal imaging rig. The vehicles also employ an on-board rig management system complete with a computer dashboard that contains a suite of driver and navigator tools to maintain and troubleshoot the imaging rig in real time, as well as optimize route planning. The inherent scalability of Essess’ thermal imaging technology means that electric and gas utilities can scan their entire service territories in a matter of days or weeks to derive intelligence around their customers that has previously been way too costly to obtain.

Building Envelope Efficiency of 17,000 Buildings in Cambridge, MA

By way of example, the map below displays over 17,000 buildings in Cambridge, MA that were scanned using an Essess imaging rig. The different colors represent a building’s energy loss via the envelope. Blue or purple buildings have more efficient building envelopes, whereas red buildings suffer from some form of structural inefficiency that results in substantial energy loss. The ability to generate building envelope data at this level of scale and precision represents a sea change for electric and gas utilities seeking to gain greater intelligence around their customer base.


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