Program Management

TAP is a turnkey energy efficiency program designed to be highly configurable for each utility client while also minimizing internal resources required to launch and manage the program. The program is managed by Essess and each client can count on a dedicated program leadership team, including an Executive Sponsor, Program Manager, IT Manager, and Evaluation Manager. Our clients may take advantage of a wide array of configuration options, including the look and feel of direct, web and email marketing collateral, IT implementation strategy, promotion of existing marketing and efficiency programs, and much more.

Our clients can also take advantage of a program management dashboard that enables a wide range of tasks to maximize program transparency and success, including the following:

  • review key program data in real time, including thermal images, building analyses and rankings, fixes committed and completed, and web and email marketing data such as open rates and site visits
  • export all key program data using helpful query parameters, including zip code level rankings and “hot spot” areas that should receive increased attention from auditors and contractors
  • update program content like special offers, rebates and technologies in real time as your promotional needs change

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Perhaps most importantly, the program dashboard enables our utility clients to leverage a map display showing the coverage of thermal scans for the service territory. With this map, program managers and analysts have the ability to zoom into particular areas to identify “hot spot” segments in certain regions of the territory. Administrative users of this tool may also zoom into specific building units and login as if they were the particular customer, accessing not just the thermal imaging and analysis data, but also any self-reported customer information such as fixes committed and completed, login times and frequency, and survey feedback. In all, the program management dashboard is a powerful tool to ensure TAP delivers benefits across all your customer-facing departments.

Our priority is to make it easier for you to meet your energy efficiency, customer service and building intelligence goals. At the same time, we are committed to ensuring your full autonomy over all key decisions and customer touch points. Together we can deliver a more compelling experience for your customers that generates long-term savings you can count on for years to come.

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