Customer Experience

Thermal Analysis Program (TAP) offers a turnkey marketing program that leverages the intelligence of the thermal images to drive increased awareness of building envelope issues and conversion into structural upgrades, retrofits and behavioral changes. The TAP marketing program employs direct, email and web marketing to guide building owners through the process of identifying building envelope issues and implementing fixes that generate persistent energy savings for our utility clients.

As an opt-out energy information program, customers are pre-selected to participate and receive a generic thermal image in the mail that shows them how to interpret thermal images and also offers them the opportunity to opt out of the program. Customers who choose not to opt out in the first month then receive thermal images of their own home or business, along with comparisons to similar homes in their neighborhood and personalized recommendations on the optimal fix for their home or business.


Customers are encouraged to sign up online to learn more about ways they can improve their building envelope and commit to at least one fix they will implement during the course of the program. Customers who commit to one fix then receive an additional email marketing campaign that guides them through the process of completing the fix, including whether they should make it a DIY project or evaluate contractor opportunities.


Follow up marketing includes benefits assessments of the fixes that customers have indicated an interest in completing, how-to guides on implementing the fixes and issues to look out for, as well as important behavioral changes to get the most out of any fixes that have been implemented. The program marketing also makes a special point of including any rebate opportunities for specific technology installations and making it easy for customers to identify and contact local contractors and home improvement retailers.

During and after the program, customers are asked to provide a wide range of survey data regarding any fixes completed, barriers to or benefits from completion, why they did or did not complete the fix, and other information to help refine the program evaluation and planning.

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