Thermal Analysis Program (TAP) is an opt-out energy efficiency information program that focuses on generating deep and persistent energy savings for homeowners and commercial building owners.¬†Essess’ thermal imaging technology enables TAP to reach hundreds of thousands or even millions of homes or businesses in a utility service territory with specific intelligence regarding areas of concern in each customer’s building envelope. TAP leverages the thermal images in direct, email and web marketing campaigns to motivate and guide customers through the process of making structural improvements to their homes and businesses that generate energy efficiency and other customer benefits for many years to come.


Many efficiency program managers would love to see their behavioral programs generate deeper and more persistent savings; they would also love to see their rebate programs reach and convert more customers. TAP was designed by industry veterans to address this gap in the efficiency program marketplace by combining the scale and reach of a behavioral program with the depth and persistence of a rebate program in which a specific technology, product or material is installed in the home or business. Similar to a behavioral program, TAP reaches large populations via targeted marketing; but, unlike a behavioral program, TAP shows customers exactly where they need to invest in their homes or businesses and motivates them to make that investment. In this way, TAP can be implemented as a standalone program, as a supplement to your existing behavioral program to drive deeper and more persistent savings, or as a marketing platform to increase participation in existing rebate programs.

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