Privacy Center

We take the privacy and security of our clients and their customers or end users very seriously. We have invested substantial resources to ensure we meet or exceed all of the privacy requirements of our industry and are committed to  adhering to best practices around physical, environmental and digital security. We make every effort to educate our clients, their customers and the public about the value of thermal imaging and assist them in better understanding any perceived risks.

It is important to understand that the thermal images Essess generates do not contain (and Essess does not in any way collect) any information that would constitute a violation of privacy. For instance, the thermal images CANNOT see through glass windows or show the inside of a building in any manner. The thermal images CANNOT show any facial features, license plate numbers or street numbers. They simply collect data around heat loss.

If you have any questions or concerns related to privacy, please explore the privacy center here and you may always contact us at

  • Privacy Advisors

    Essess technology was designed from its inception to protect privacy. Our Privacy Advisory Board helps guide our efforts to provide the best protection possible.

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  • Thermal Images

    Thermal images are not like regular photos. They can’t show your face, the inside of your home, or your license plate number. Click below and we’ll show you the difference.

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  • Thermal Technology

    Thermal imaging system captures energy loss information to show the least efficient components of a building envelope.

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