Overheating transformer in a utility client’s service territory.


Interactive heat map of abnormally high temperature assets at an oil refinery.

Essess GridTM is the first infrastructure asset detection service that can incorporate analytics from thermal signatures into a highly reliable geospatial inventory and intelligence platform.

Assets include transformers, primary and secondary wires, telephone poles, street lights, oil & gas refinery assets like reactors, furnaces, pipelines and other critical infrastructure. Essess is not only capable of detecting these assets but classifying them based on normal operating temperatures and identifying when particular assets operate outside of these normal operating temperatures.  This information is critical to predict and avoid safety hazards, anticipate the effects of and respond to damage assessments from inclement weather, and identify opportunities for increased efficiency and operational cost savings.

Essess delivers a number of software and data subscription products related to its infrastructure and grid services. Essess has the ability to deliver web applications that range from fully interactive 3D heat maps of large territories, campuses or facilities and to update them on an ongoing basis. Essess also provides a data analytics portal that can be queried to retrieve the images and analyses of specific assets. Assets can be queried based on a wide range of characteristics and, importantly, any notable changes in assets from one scan to the next can be flagged and monitored by client staff.