About Us

img_for_building_01Essess is based on technology developed in the Field Intelligence Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Sanjay Sarma, MIT Professor of Mechanical Engineering, personally recruited leading scientists and thought leaders to develop innovative techniques for identifying and assessing energy waste on a large scale.

At MIT, the team developed computer models for capturing and analyzing images of hundreds of thousands of homes for energy efficiency purposes. Research was conducted on the technical and economic feasibility of using thermal imaging to identify energy loss in building structures.

The Field Intelligence team made key advances in long wave infrared camera technology and data processing to develop an imaging device capable of capturing massive amounts of meaningful data.  Once the system was tested and deemed ready for production, Essess was founded to begin commercializing this disruptive technology and explore additional market applications.

For more information on the utility market, email us at sales@essess.com.